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EST. 14th of February, 2012

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Headhunter Gametype

Headhunter from Halo: Reach




This was a gamemode that there really seems to be a split for 50/50 love/hate among the community, but I personally loved this gamemode.


I figured this might not be too hard to remake in CE by using the crazy king gametype as a variant where time can be interpreted as score, and players can drop oddballs which when touched by players will add to their "skull counter", which can be captured by entering the hill.



  • Skulls that can be captured by entering a KOTH hill
  • Some way of displaying how many skulls the player currently has on them
  • If possible, a setting which can make it so a skull will only drop on a headshot kill


Starting bounty is five raffle tickets.




33 minutes ago, aLTis said:

Haven't added a headshot-only option but here you go 



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