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EST. 14th of February, 2012

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Script Requests, Asset Releases, and Outstanding Maps

Recent additions and changes to rewards for CE content:


Script Requests

Now earning 6 tickets for fulfilling a request by publishing a brand-new script to releases (within a week of the request). Script fulfillment used to be great back when we originally incentivized it; let's do that shit again.


Asset Releases

Now earning 4 tickets for any asset you've released on OC that later makes it into someone else's map release. The only way to keep passively earning tickets as time goes on!


Outstanding Maps

In addition to the 15 tickets, a topic listing all those making the cut and a link referencing it at the top-right of pages on the site, there's now a sweet new badge for those that've released a qualifying map.


Raffle Tickets Explained

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