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Recreating LASO Campaign

Since the January 2019 update released new skulls for CE on MCC, I thought I might try recreating All-Skulls-On for CE PC (Non-MCC) using the refined mod.
However, I could only do them temporarily using the Realtime Editor (gameeditor), sure there's an option to save tags, but I wanted to have permanent effects.

This is to be done without the use of Open Sauce.


The skull effects I can at least recreate so far are:

- Mythic

Fog and Malfunction are just partially the blind skull so I'll just put blind skull here

- Blind

- Recession

Eye Patch is out of the question since we obviously use keyboard and mouse anyways

- Grunt Funeral

- Boom

- Anger

- Catch

- Sputnik

- Thunderstorm

- Tough Luck


The skulls I would need help or don't know how to create the effects are:

- Foreign

- Black Eye

- Pinata

- Grunt Birthday Party (Possibly replacing audio files of grunt "death instant" voices)

- Ghost

- Sputnik for meleeing vehicles

- That's Just... Wrong

- Iron

The footage below shows me just experimenting with a plethora of skull effects but they're not final.

When hiding the 1st person model of weapons, it disables melee.


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