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Planet Flood C Infinite!?!

I have defied masterz1337 and Sparky. I am your shield; I am your sword. I know you: your past, your future. This is the day you have to play more planet flood.






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Nice map! Unique environment with an interesting colour palette. I like! :v
Some tough encounters but doable.


Although there are some weird messages throughout the level, seen in the right light they are certainly thought provoking. Like this one for example (warning: minor spoilers):


The first time you come around this message block, armed with just your weapons, you just think of it as some inciting message, merely for the purpose of offending one might think.

Yet, once you return to it, carrying a skull you fought so hard to reach for, it seems to reveal a deeper meaning. But let me start at the top...


You were fighting throughout numerous waves of hostile creatures, killing them and risking your own life in a brutal exchange of mortality to ultimately reach the sanctum of this tomb where you acquire the relic.


No gold or jewelry, no, but a skull?


Well, it does make sense since you are in a pyramid after all, likely the last resting place of an important individual. But who does this skull belong to? An ancient king? How did he live? What did he do to acquire such a magnificent tomb?

Ultimately we know nothing about this ancient king and are left to wonder.


As we proceed our ascend back to the surface, having to pick our fights carefully since we have to chose between the certainty of holding our treasure or momentarily dropping it to fend off the defenders of the tomb ever more numerous and zealous in stopping the sacrilege you caused, we return to the message block.




And there it is! Like a prophecy come true!
Here you stand, desecrating a sanctum and disturbing the last resting place of a nobleman and what do you see?

A message block telling of an unstoppable behemoth crushing the structures beneath it!
Its eyes fiercely directed at its next victim!
Its hands holding the lifeless bodies of those who dared to stand before him!


But it is YOU who is the brutal behemoth, unstoppable and bloodthirsty!
YOUR hands who are drenched in blood of those who swore to protect this holy place!
And YOUR eyes constantly aiming for the next target!


What a phenomenal epiphany on the duality of man.
And the author does this so effortless and cleverly, it left me thoroughly astonished!


As we emerge from the tomb the battle amplifies in a grotesque crescendo of mortality and my own guilt.
It was then when I realized that the colour of the ground I was walking on represented the blood of the creatures I've slain. An infinite mixture of purple and cyan.




As I approach the craft which will carry me out of this netherworld that I've aided in creation, my character realizes the purpose of its being.
I enter the craft, I equip my gun and I leave the relic behind for it has served it purpose.
Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.

but maybe I'm just seeing things, who knows lol :v


Music sux tho

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