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EST. 14th of February, 2012

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2019 Map Competition - FINAL VOTING

Map Poll   25 members have voted

This poll is closed for new votes
  1. 1. Your favorite map

  2. 2. Showed most improvement over Round 1

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Voting topic for 2019's Map Competition!


Voting Rules

  • Must have a post count of at least 5 on the forum (unless an entrant of the contest).
  • Entrants cannot vote for themselves, however they can abstain from voting.


Voting Deadline

September 8th @ 11:59pm EST (‎UTC-5:00)


Final-Round Submissions



Halo Invaders




Winning Prize: $50 (US) via PayPal + Promotion of Map via Mass-Email + 5 Raffle Tickets

2nd Place Prize: $25 (US) via PayPal + 5 Raffle Tickets

3rd Place Prize: -5 Raffle Tickets


Additional Prize (decided by secondary poll)

5 Raffle Tickets for a final submission voted as having the most improvement over their Round 1 entry.

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Oddly, this is familiar to you... as if from an old dream.          

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On 9/5/2019 at 0:56 PM, aLTis said:

Looks like dsali is going to win... by a long shot

But I need you to win so you can invest in my pyramid scheme

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