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Console commands documentation


Debug_recording: shows current recorded animation running on a unit, and how many ticks are remaining.

Debug_scripting: Shows current script, how long it's sleeping(if sleeping) and what functions will be called.

debug_sound_channels: displays how many channels are being used for sounds. 

    Mono 3d: are location based sounds. L/R determined by location, but sound is originally mono (same L/R)



    44k: higher quality sounds, 44k is sample rate.

debug_sound_channels_detail: shows current sounds playing, amp, and max volume

debug_sound_cache: shows how many sounds are loaded, how much ram it uses, and allocated space available.

debug_sound_cache_graph: is a visual representation of the cache. Not sure what the colors mean though.

debug_sound_environment: shows which background sound TAG is playing.


for the debug_SOMETHING_messages I believe this corresponds to the hud_items_messages.unicode_string_list messages, but ill look into it later c:


Frustum usually corresponds to the projection matrices as far as programming goes. I believe this determines what should be culled. Considering there is a "debug_no_frustum_clip" function, I further believe this.

small contribution; however, it's a few i've used in the past


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S3dpak - format - Imeta/ipak - format - Fmeta - format


H2a-inflate - SuP

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