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Texture Upscaling Service

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As you have noticed, running this on things like multipurpose bitmaps is a bad idea. But simply breaking them up into separate bitmaps per RGBA channels beforehand is not a great solution. I would advise against running this process on anything but the diffuse maps and then derive the new specular/illumination/multipurpose maps from those. It's a ton of work but if you don't do it that way, you risk having mismatched features of the bitmaps which could lead to really weird shader effects ingame. What about unwraps? The program might confuse the seams of an unwrap for edges it needs to alter and thus cause noticeable seams in the final ingame texture unwrapping. What about tiling textures? Does this program have an option to ensure the results correctly tile? There's a lot of potential for mistakes if you aren't careful with this. Everything you do this process to is going to need careful examination and possibly adjustment afterward. Sometimes just enlarging the bitmap in Photoshop using a predictable algorithm is better for video game assets like this. Sometimes the resolution isn't the problem at all and it was just poorly compressed last time it was compiled into Halo. And pro-tip some of the Halo 1 bitmaps exist in later Halo releases at higher resolutions.


TL;DR: If you're trying to improve the quality of a bitmap, there's no getting away from having to have to spend a lot of work on it and do so on a case-by-case basis. This is not a 1-step process and without knowing exactly how these bitmaps function in Halo, you might make things worse. This program isn't useless but I wouldn't exaggerate it's benefits either.

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9 minutes ago, Sunstriker7 said:

I would like to make a request. I made subfolders for the desired resolutions.



Working on it.

Edit: It is done. https://opencarnage.net/misc/upscale/Sunstriker7 8-16-2019.zip

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