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Replacing the Halo Editing Kit with open source software

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Added a section, "Why should the Halo Editing Kit be replaced?", to the top of the post.


1 hour ago, Hiralis said:


It's a good idea, but it's possible that pinning it right now may be premature. While I do think the topic is worth watching for updates, it isn't yet helpful enough to warrant pinning to the top of a section, plus it's in the Development section, not the Tools section.


At the time of writing this, not enough of the Halo Editing Kit has been replaced for anyone to even make a simple box map. If and when enough of the Halo Editing Kit has been replaced that you can start to make complete maps without using the Halo Editing Kit, then I think it will be worth pinning this. For now, I recommend following this topic if you want updates to it. You can do so by clicking the Follow button on the top right corner of the page.


I hope that answers your question.

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As of Invader 0.4.0, font tags can now be created using only open source software (invader-font).


Due to the last update being posted sooner than 24 hours ago, the Invader 0.4 announcement will be posted in the Invader topic tomorrow.

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As of Invader 0.8.0, invader-bitmap can now make sprites, cubemaps, 3D textures, and interface bitmaps. I've updated the original post with this.


We're a little over halfway there for a full open source HEK replacement.

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I've gotten a few requests to add some other community-made tools to this list. Please note that, unless I can locate an up-to-date version of the source code, I will not add tools to this list.


While I am happy that there are people in the community who are willing to create and share useful software, the goal of this project is to have open source software. I did not title this list, "Replacing the Halo Editing Kit with community-made software".


Also, not only is closed source community software out of the scope of this project, but I personally consider using community-made closed source software to actually be worse than using the Halo Editing Kit regardless of how much better the actual software is. The reason for this is because the software exists and, if it's a replacement, it is often better than the Halo Editing Kit equivalent, thus potential contributors will be less motivated to write an open source replacement, and this effectively screws over the community when everyone has to rely on it.

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