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HaloSpriteDoer - A tool to help you do sprite-sheets quicker

This tool was originally created by Teh_Lag to help with creating sprite plates. It does this by taking in a folder and combining whatever is in it into one big tif which you will be able to compile with tool.


This tool never had an official release, but I was allowed to release it.


Known issues:

  • The tool doesn't handle alphas properly; Therefore if you want to create sprite plates from images with alphas, split the alphas into a separate folder, compile them as two separate plates. And then combine them again your image editing tool of choice before compiling them in tool.




I'm sure someone will find a use for this. I know CMT and Jesse still use it a lot.


If you have any nice words for Lag, I can forward them.


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I think the TSCE data files also contained a Python script that evaluated tag space usage or something. Good for CMT type of work where every bitmap is in 4K and you're scratching your head as to why you ran out of tag space. Might be able to whip up a release for that as well.

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