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TFTU- Halo 1 SP maps project

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This looks really cool! I always like to see vanilla or mostly-vanilla singleplayer stuff since the halo 1 sandbox is really amazing and awesome both visually and in terms of gameplay. I think that having custom scenarios with a mostly vanilla sandbox is a little underutilized in mods people make. A focus on the particulars of the gameplay is really great.


Those brutes are I think the best I've ever seen; they blend stylistically flawlessly with the vanilla halo 1 units. Did you make them? If not where can I find them?


I'm really excited to play these when they're finished.

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It's been a while but I have an end of the year update. Firstly, the scope of the project has been cut back to two maps for the time being, the Urban Human City map (1.5) and Mountain climb (Vanilla) respectively. Urban is undergoing a redesign in the earlier and later areas, while Mountain Climb is making good progress towards it next section. The current plan is to complete Mountain Climb first as most work is being put towards it. 



Here is a portion of gameplay from one of the new sections:


I also have a new version of the "street war" section of urban. This part of the level involves supporting marines to take back one of the main highways into the city. This is super early, and any AI pop is a future spawn closet, but you can see a large part of the 1.5 sandbox in play.


You may have noticed a marine with a BR, similar to the new covenant weapons this weapon is not player usable. The "MBR" (Marine Battle Rifle) as I'm calling it gives the marines a headshot capable weapon with higher burst damage. This makes marines super valuable in team shooting elites. 



These marines are scripted to drop pistol ammo equipment with an MBR model, allowing the player to get ammo from dead marines or even dynamically in the world.


That is going to be it for this update, I hope to have both levels completed and possibly launch together sometime late next year. We are still looking for artists, especially anyone interested in "demakes." Covenant scenery pieces from the later games demade for halo 1's art style would be pretty great for population. Thanks

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Posted (edited)

Small update but some good news and bad news. With the pending MCC mod tool release we have doubled down on the "Mountain Climb" level. Urban/ Street War has been delayed indefinitely pending a redesign if we have enough time. I would like to publish a map using the 1.5/TFTU tagset eventually but I don't have time to work on a BSP and design another. Mountain Climb is virtually geometry complete (pending remaking 2 paths) and the encounters are set up from start to finish. In this video, you can see a encounter towards the middle of the level




Pending the art pass for the BSP itself, I have been working on the art from a designer standpoint.


This is a copy from the modern Halo games, "flocks", or the far away air battles that you can see in the vistas of Halo 3 and Reach. Pending a few tweaks I think it turned out pretty well


Speaking of Reach, I have been porting over ambient sounds, including their detail sounds. In these videos you can listen to the base interior and the exterior section as well. 


On the scenery side, we have two new covenant crates




That's going to be it for this update, again we are always accepting any help if anyone is interested in the project. Thanks 

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The level is now in a rough alpha state and is playable from start to finish! Besides some minor geometry clean up the level will begin its art pass shortly. 







Here is one revamped encounter (the base assault), and two new ones, the facility and the cavern 



On the asset front we have a Halo 1 Elite hologram, similar to the later games prophet holograms. The dialogue is from Johnson's Pillar of Autumn speech reversed and pitch corrected as close as we can get it to the CE elite.


The level is also in small scale game play testing, and has already gotten major changes on the balance front. We have also committed to full MCC support and plan to build the level for MCC when MCC mod tools release. With the ability to play co-op we have set up the level to have special co-op gameplay including higher enemy count, unique encounters exclusive to co-op, extra ammo, equipment, secrets and more. Thanks for reading!

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We are wrapping things up on mountain climb! In the spirit of that, the official name of the map is now Closure. If you haven't already, check out our VKMT showcase trailer below:




Now, for your debriefing

In Closure, a UNSC colony has been absolutely devastated by a covenant invasion over the span of a few days. A ONI bunker complex was infiltrated by a special operations covenant force ahead of WINTER CONTINGENCY being declared. ONI security forces were ambushed before Emergency Priority Order 098831A-1 could be initiated. However, before the security team was completely overwhelmed they were able to sabotage the base's power and security systems delaying the covenant from extracting data. Marine Force Recon Unit 7 was dispatched as a relief force, but they were completely destroyed en route to the objective. A Spartan has been reassigned from Operation: [REDACTED] and is being rerouted through the canyon with a new directive to destroy the bunker's data. You're our last hope.


With the setting disclosed, here are some design details for people interested in the level:

-Closure is a 1 level mission around 45 to 60 minutes on Heroic/Legendary for Halo CEA in the MCC. 
-Closure is a level designed for people who want more vanilla CE campaign content and/or people who want a new challenge in CE. 
-Closure is "Vanilla +". We are taking a few liberties to keep the experience fresh, but nothing outside the scope of the original bungie tagset. Things like rank and file grunts with fuel rods or Major Elites with swords. None of the stock tags were modified or changed in anyway 
-Closure is designed as a vanilla CE experience featuring things like: exploration and secrets, a full soundtrack of Halo music, scripted sequences, full Co-Op support (see below!) and more.
-Closure is gameplay and feeling first, there is no cheesy amateur dialogue or poorly written fanfiction data pads. The level is grounded in the universe and that is as far as story telling goes, minus some environmental hints and clues.



In the trailer we showcased some aspects of Co-Op. Like Reach and beyond, Co-Op is now is its own unique experience. A Co-Op run of the level will include encounters unique to Co-Op, larger enemy squads, more ammo and equipment on the map, unique Co-Op secrets, player 2 appearing in cutscenes, and more.



The level is exiting the block out phase as we continue to chip away at art. Recently we have done a encounter pass on the entire level and completely remade entire sections of the bsp from scratch. 

A large majority of these sections were basic and frankly boring straight paths in which the covenant would either charge you or wait around the next bend. These long winding paths have been completely overhauled into unique combat areas. This makes the level feel less linear and more Halo, a nice contrast of open spaces and narrow passes. 
















This all goes towards making the level the best it can be. Its really coming together after 2 years and I'm excited to release sometime before the end of this year. Stay tuned for more art progress and a release date. 


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