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Thought you'd never ask! We call it "Good Maps Ya Fucks - St. Louis - Objective Gametypes". Very similar to @stunt_man's servers, we host maps that were made popular by the Xbox mod called NHE. But it has to be said we are not affiliated with Halo1Hub or GMYF. The majority of maps the can be found in the most recent public release of said maps for PC. The gametypes are a mix of the basic popular ones like Team Slayer, CTF, FFA, Crazy KOTH, Oddball, etc. Each gametype slightly tweaked to favor competitiveness. We have various SAPP scripts running such as on-screen timer, delete empty weapons, and hit reg fix, as playing on our server is meant to be more competitive than casual, while being open to anybody to join. Occasionally gamenights are had on special maps or betas and we might lock down the server when that happens. There are plans for maybe adding a second server in California but that's on the back-burner.


Basically a generous blend of casual gametypes/players and competitive maps/scripts.


We have a Discord for our server and anybody is welcome, assuming they have some degree of interest in Halo 1. Be warned we have no rules against profanity so if you're easily offended by things like the F word, stay out. (The other F word.)


You'll see a map called Tinker in this map pack. That was the map that I helped develop and won the GMYF map contest. I've considered making a thread for it as an official release but technically it was already released in that map pack.

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