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Halo Invaders

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...I have to admit, I only really have one question: red laser of semen? I have no idea how to respond to the fact that I used a weapon named that...

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3 hours ago, Tucker933 said:

Is anyone going to post @(SBB) Storm's video of this, or is that supposed to be kept secret?

Youtube took 12+ hours to process the video for some reason :P



2:43 - 5:58 epic bruh moment right there


and at 01:57:47 I managed to reach Level 23, the current record. CHALLENGE ME

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Download: https://mega.nz/#!5CYHmaQa!dgOCpp0i5pS5S9xijLMfLq0zglSa2mDbxk079G5BPdU



  • Boss fight - a phantom will sometimes appear and no other enemies will spawn until you destroy it. It has 2 special firing modes and its health depends on how high your level is. Destroying it will give you 3 powerups and will extend your max life count by 1.
  • New powerup - ring of fire. It will fire projectiles in all directions for 13 seconds.
  • Highscore system - if the map is played on singleplayer, your highscore will save! Playing on multiplayer will only save your highscore until the map is closed.
  • Improved collision - collision between player's ship and enemy ships is a lot more accurate now leading to a less frustrating experience. Player's ship also has a new collision model which fixes some of the instances where projectiles pass through it.
  • Removed Chimera's vfov detection - this fixes a crash that happens to some players when starting the map. However the map still shouldn't be played with chimera vfov enabled!
  • Small changes - laser now does slightly more damage, covenant dropship will spawn slightly less often. There are other changes I don't remember at the moment.

Looks like I left a bug in there. Sometimes player's ship disappears and I haven't been able to fix that. I'll release an update after the voting has finished if I manage to fix this.

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