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Change the flags position not working Help!

Hello I do not speak English. But, this site has helped my server and my game. I hope someone can solve my doubt.

This is the procedure I do to change the position of the flags on the maps (
Windows 7):

- I open sapien.
- I select the folder "Netgame Flags".
- And I move the flags of place.
- Then save the stage.




- - - The map is created. - - -



- - - - This is seen in LAN. - - - -



- - - But when putting the maps on my multiplayer server, I get this:





- - - I have only achieved with this process that the maps work for me: beavercreek, hangemhigh and dangercanyon. - - -

I do not know, if for the other maps you need some other type of procedure or I'm missing some file?

Thank you!...


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You need to change the CRC of the map to match that of the original for this to work on Custom Edition.


You can either use the MEK or Invader that is on this forum. For invader, run invader-crc once on the original map to get the crc, then run it again on the new map with the crc you got before as the second argument.


Keep in mind for this to work tag index order must match the original map. It will not change when only doing something like that, but for other cases you might want to use invader to build the map too with the indexer as it can force them to match.

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A map with a different flag position than one you're trying to connect to should rightfully not work. This is a bad thing to try and do.

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