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Fake Forge

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Sounds like the perfect thing to use on Jesse and I's H3 Foundry. We even put a little effort into making sure it was easy to do so.


...we have designed much of the level to be friendly to what could be best described as Forging in Halo CE. ... Forging the level is as easy as moving SCENERY, VEHICLES, SPAWN POINTS, and NETGAME FLAGS to your desired locations using Sapien... There are some objects in the scenario that ARE NOT meant to be altered, they have been made into static device_machines or are placed in areas outside of the main geometry so that you cannot accidentally move them. Some adept Halo scripters have designed scripts that allow you to Forge in-game with variable success, namely Kirby; we have not provided any support for this and have left the possibility up to anybody willing.

H3 Foundry Release Thread

H3 Foundry Halomaps Download

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Is this the same concept as the snow overlay I once had for blood gulch where only those with, in this case, the map see the change?


i credit the work done for it but feel it's sad the majority won't benefit from it if it's not included as aLTis intends with his map release.


Gone are the days where the entire halo community experience the work it seems.



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