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Diagnostic & Overclocking Tools

A list of useful utilities for diagnosing issues. Recommendations welcome!



Software for reporting for temperature, loads, and overall specs.

Speccy: Wide-ranging information from hardware specs, to loads and temperatures.

CPU-Z: Detailed report of hardware specs, primarily covering the CPU, memory, and motherboard.

GPU-Z: Detailed GPU information covering specs, loads, and temperatures.

Afterburner: Basic GPU temperature and load information, which can also be displayed through ingame overlay.


Fault Testing

Fault testing is a frequent step taken when overclocking, checking for hardware failure, or ensuring adequate cooling.

CPU Stress: Prime95 - LinX

GPU Stress: FurMark

RAM Test: MemTest86

HDD Test: HDDScan



The process of increasing a clock rate to improve performance, at the cost of heat and potential instability. Hardware damage possible if not careful with temperatures and voltages.

CPU: Use your BIOS/UEFI.

RAM: Use your BIOS/UEFI.

GPU: Afterburner

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