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Outstanding Maps

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In regards to the Refined Tagset-

I am aware it exists and many people like it. But I don't like how some of the fixes were left to interpretation. For example, I think the lines for the reticles are too thick. I've complained about it but nobody agrees with me. I think people are comparing it to MCC and maybe since I've never played MCC I can't relate. Plus who is to say the Refined Tagset is even finished? If I put the current version in my map and there's an update later, how will people feel about that? If people want to play using this ambiguous tagset, somebody can mod it later. The main feature of the release is the map itself, as vanilla as possible. This is how it's always been done and I'm a stickler for consistency.

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About a decade ago when I was working on Phoenix and @Sceny was making a couple reticles for me, I asked him to not make them too high-quality because they'd stand out against the stock ones. What does he do? Fuckin' gorgeous 512x512 bullshit; had to nerf.

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This reminds me of something I read about the south park video game. Matt Stone and Trey Parker repeatedly had to tell their artists to "make it shittier". They had to keep a cohesive art style with the show.


Sometimes I see maps like the UT2K4 one that DSalimander posted yesterday and the weapons are just so stunningly beautiful that they'll look too good in any other map.

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