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LongShot Map Dev

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I'm going to try and pump out a map that meets the two additional prize criteria in the map contest. This will be for the first round which ends in like 4 hours so prepare for a lot of  self-bumps with "progress" updates so I can hit that 10 post minimum. Yes, shameless; but what would you do when given 1 day to make a map (and procrastinated until the last 4 hours)? The name of the map is LongShot, an appropriate name for the intentions for this project. Behold the first update of many, my fabulous MS Paint map concept:



I'm pretty sure that counts for an initial post. As you can see, it's a symmetrical outdoor map with a few different paths. One is driving, one is teles, the other is just walking straight there via tunnels. I think the main population here enjoys fun maps compared to gritty competitive ones, so I will design it as such. Each path has been "balanced" to offer an evenly distributed fun experience. I might make the map snowy themed so I can throw in some slick ice spots which make driving hogs more challenging/fun? Stay tuned, I've got a lot of posts to make in 4 hours!

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Hey welcome back; you missed the last two competitions though lol


1 hour ago, DSalimander said:

This will for for the first round which ends in like 4 hours

31 days and 4ish hours. First round submissions just opened!


Also double posts made within 24-hours of each other are auto-merged, so you wouldn't have made that deadline anyway.

Oddly, this is familiar to you... as if from an old dream.          

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You know, 1 day did sound a little excessive now that I think about it. But I'm committed. You're gonna get a shit map made in 4 hours and like it. Posts merging or not, you're gonna get updates and like that too.


So the first thing I want to touch on is the name. I looked for synonyms of "Raffle Ticket" and did a quick search to see if it was already taken. Boom- LongShot.


The next thing to figure out is the scale, I guessed that roughly half the size of Infinity should suffice.



Slap our map concept on it and get the cliffs extruded because this is the easiest way to do it. I could have made a height map and done it automatically but I don't have time to think this out that well.



Run a quick and dirty optimize modifier over the top since leaving it all sky/inaccessible is stupid easy and I care just enough to keep the polycount down. (Probably player clip it all off as standard procedure.) Manually nudge some verts so the silhouette of the cliffs against the sky isn't super fugly. And do an obligatory soft selection on everything to get some super cheap terrain. Also begin assigning basic material IDs.



Next we will start working on details like the bases, tunnels, teleporters, ramps, ice spots, etc. I'm gonna have to really think about which bases I want to toss into this. The easiest choice is obviously the Blood Gulch bases, but I do like the simplicity of the little structures just in front of the bases in Infinity/the teleporter shacks in Snow Grove (if you know what I mean). I'm thinking the bases should be nothing more than protection for the CTF Flags. The teleporters can be simply teleboxes and the tunnels might be sorta Rat Race-esque (meaning tons of stupid extrudes passing off as detail).

While working, I threw a scale reference in and decided it was too big, as you can see:


So the entire model was scaled down 25%. You can see the beginnings of the ramp things. I just extruded those squares up, deleted the geometry between it and the cliffs, capped it all off, re-triangulated what needed to be, assigned material IDs, etc etc.


Modified the bases so there isn't a standoff on top and removed the pillar inside so the flag can go there:


(stolen from Infinity)


Attached the bases, the teleboxes, mostly finished the terrain smoothing and triangulations, added the ice spots (not seen in this picture), and quickly bridged what will become the hallways.


Basic UVs for cliffs and started painting the UV template for the ground.



Not really going to show a lot of HEK stuff because it's so boring but...


Sapien work is being rushed but you can see whats what so far. (ground map was pretty much finalized between pictures... poorly) Only running lightmaps at '1 0.3' quality for now.

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One last peak at development:


Minimal portals, exact portals, and weather polies. Final lightmaps quality ran at '1 0.1' due to time restrictions. Added a couple beacon scenerys because you can't get a good idea of which side is which and the lighting in the bases won't emit because of the lightmap quality.


Final pictures:





And the download:


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I just gave this map a quick test run. Love the coziness of it and the power weapons everywhere. It'll be an intensely fun map in the game night if we do one this time.

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Kavawuvi: one of these days these glutes are gonna squawk all over you

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It's as good as a 4 hour long map development process can allow, lmao.


For the record, no content in this map was made by anybody else. So that's 5 tickets.

Just a couple more posts and that's 5 more tickets.


Profit. $$$

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I should pump out a map every day just to torment you guys. Maybe turn the time restraint up higher for extra sadism.


Sorry about the phantom BSP. Tool gave me no errors so I didn't even bother looking. Not that I had time to check anyway.


Sure enough, there it is. And the offending surface.


As for not supporting other gametypes... oops! I remember thinking about populating them but forgot. The other gametypes would have been terrible on that map anyway. Consider it a gift in disguise.


I'm tempted to fix all the issues with this map but it's serving it's purpose just fine as is and I feel relatively proud that I was done so fast.


Even if this map only serves as motivation for people to beat this low hanging fruit, that would be fine with me. I did similar stuff with GMYF's contest just so it wouldn't be boring.

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