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Sector 09 RAW (3D files, bitmaps, docs, etc.)

I have received a request for source for Sector 09, so I figured I'd publicly release it (I know, its been long overdue.)


Sector09 RAW Release - ALL BSP's - Nickster5000


NOTE: Files preceded in _ means that they are important. I marked them with this underscore as I was going through the files.

Description: Included in this release is ALL of the iterations that sector09 went through from 2012, all the way to its release in 2016. 
Included in this release is the following directories, and notes about what this directory consists of:

-RPG_Rips and RPG_Rips2 should contain all of the bitmaps that I ripped from halo 3 ODST. 
NOTE: SOME OF THE FILES WILL HAVE BROKEN REFERENCES. I DID NOT RENAME ANY OF THE FILES, but they may be in different locations. I recommend that you rip your own version of the Halo 3: ODST bitmaps using adjutant to suit your needs.

-Contains files that were used in showing sector09, and other documentation used in its development.

-The very first iteration of sector09. I could not find the original... however, I found two animation demos that I created on the original model, which should suffice.

-Old sector 09 build. I believe one of these didn't even make it ingame. Don't remember a whole lot about these files, so have fun playing around with them!

-Another old sector 09 build. More files that I made for sector 09. Don't remember a whole lot about this one either, so have fun playing around!!!

-Second to most significant file in this pack. This was the demo that was showcased at CE3 2015. 

-Most significant file for sector09's release. Contains the version of the BSP that was in the final release, as well as some updates to it.

-Extra files that I found laying around.

README.txt - this file.


Download Here!


Please let me know if there is anything missing. Enjoy!




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