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DOOM: Eternal release date announced. Collector's Edition includes helmet



The official Doom Eternal release date is November 22, 2019.



Doom 2016’s creative director Marty Stratton has handed over the reins to the studio’s art director, Hugo Martin – so expect the most beautiful gore you’ve ever seen in your history of PC gaming. This time we’re going to Earth, but not as we know it. Id has twisted our home planet into a delightful hellscape, which makes clear the demons have escaped Mars and found a new home with us. And that’s not the only place they’ve invaded; Doom Eternal introduces us to a whole new Doom Universe, with Phobos being just one of the other locations you can expect the Slayer to visit.


While id Software unveiled Doom Eternal’s first trailer at E3, it revealed everything we know so far about the game at Quakecon 2018 in Dallas, Texas. A huge gameplay demonstration showed off thirty minutes of intense rip-and-tear action, revealing new features like a grapple hook and the ability for other players to invade your game.


So join us for a gory dive into the nightmarish world of Doom Eternal. Here’s all the details so far…




The official Doom Eternal release date is November 22, 2019. This was revealed at the Bethesda E3 2019 showcase after a fresh gameplay reveal.




Bethesda’s E3 2019 showcase was packed with new information on the upcoming shooter. We got new campaign gameplay, reveals of some of the new dimensions and planets, a look at the Doom Eternal collector’s edition, and details on the asymmetrical multiplayer mode where two demons face off against one Doomslayer. Take a look at the multiplayer mode below.



There’s also some extended gameplay from the campaign if that’s more your jam. We’re pretty keen on those new/vintage HUD elements – take a look below.



This article is a stub of the original. Be sure to check out the source for some more detailed information and a lot more art on display.





Source for the Collector's Edition

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