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Vic Firth

Restart Mapcycle when Server is Empty Script



I was wondering if someone could create a script for me that would restart a map cycle when the server is empty?

Something like: when the server is empty for X minutes, then use either the sv_map_reset, sv_mapcycle_begin, or mapcycle_begin command to reset the map.

If someone could donate their time to write this for me it would mean a lot, I know you are all great script writers on this forum and your time is valuable.

Thank you,


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5 hours ago, Tucker933 said:

Would be worth having a release topic for this for others; I know I wanted this when I used to run a server.



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This doesn't require a script. It couldn't be easier, just use a SAPP event.


event_leave $pn:1 'w8 #;sv_mapcycle_begin'

where # is the desired number of seconds before restarting the mapcycle.

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