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Sour Patch

Scenery tags

Hi. I've imported two scenery tags that aren't behaving the same as the ones already on the map.

They are both bushes/plants.

The issue with the first is that the leaves disappear at a certain distance, but it's branches/stems stay the same at any distance. So they look nice and dense up close, but at distance they look bare and dead.

The issue with the second is that it appears to have a shiny stem/trunk "shiny" on one side but not the other. The map has a night time setting so this looks weird compared to the other plants and trees as they are equally reflective from 360 degrees.

I've looked at the bitmap preview and it is flat with no painted in shininess, so I think it must be something to do with lightmap or shaders, but I can't find the right thing to adjust/change.

Thank you.

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