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Is there still modding support for halo PC?

Hi, First of all I want to make it clear that I'm using the Google translator, I'm doing a project for halo PC, with simple changes and many changes in the models and I need to add effects and more things to multiplayer maps, I do not have problems with the labels, the problem lies in putting new labels...


In some maps I can only put 2 models of weapons, 2 models of vehicles and some textures and that's it, I can not add more effects and my mod is very simple :c.


Is there any version of protons without limitation of weight?, As in the image, in eschaton is basically the same mistake I want to make in a future mod at the height of revolution that is all modified (I'm a fan of that mod)

(limitation): https://imgur.com/gallery/bmNYpTi






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Not really. Nearly everyone who was on the Halo PC modding scene has come and gone.

Most of the few who are left are on Halo Custom Edition and use the Halo Editing Kit.


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On 16/3/2019 at 9:55, Kavawuvi said:

Realmente no. Casi todos los que estaban en la escena modding de Halo PC han venido y se han ido.

La mayoría de los pocos que quedan están en Halo Custom Edition y usan el kit de edición de Halo.


pity, at least I think I'm the only one who is developing a PC (mod) and ce, those of CE do not know almost the PC, therefore, everything is difficult for me


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