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Serpent 2.1.0

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I'm currently working on allowing users to convert HSC scripts to serpent scripts. Note that comments do not get preserved here.




UPDATE: I've just released 2.1.0. Here is a link to the changelog: https://github.com/Kavawuvi/serpent/blob/2.1.0/CHANGELOG.md




  • Added --pretty for converting to Halo Script if a human-readable output is desired


  • --strip is now on by default for if converting to Halo Script




  • HSC scripts can now be parsed
  • HSC scripts can now be converted into serpent scripts (parse_hsc_script() and compile_serpent_script())
  • Added --strip to make stripping of unnecessary characters optional


  • Changed the behavior of removing the quotation marks from strings so that only alphanumeric strings (with or without underscores) have their quotation marks removed rather than strings without spaces.
  • Reorganized the file structure. All functions for converting scripts are now stored in a submodule.
  • compile() is changed to compile_hsc_script()
  • parse() is changed to parse_serpent_script()
  • Python's argparse is used for parsing arguments now


  • Empty strings are now properly handled
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