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Howdy. Just got back.

Hey guys,


I've been chatting up in the discord yesterday, enjoying a few of your guys' company. (Thank you so much Tucker, Aer, Reaply, Sunstriker, Solaris and Wolf Demon for the warm welcome and the pleasant conversation) My name is Blitzburns4 and--as you can probably see from my account--I've technically had this account for quite awhile. I used to be active on Modhalo.net back in the day and really enjoyed the community there, and remembering that most of the original core members migrated to open carnage; I wanted to re-join the community and stop by to say hello. I hope that you guys won't mind me sort of jumping back in the bandwagon after I flaked out for a number of years. I still enjoy Gaming and hope to be a pleasant and contributing member of this community.


For those who don't know/remember me. Back in the day, I was a forge map-creator and modder for Halo 3. I posted my work on Modhalo and mingled with the few modders there. The maps were decent, nothing special, but I came in at the tail-end of that modding scene's life so I didn't end up doing much. My Xbox 360 RROD'ed anyways and I didn't get another and fell out activity with the community. Back at the time, I figured that I would have the opportunity to jump back into the Halo modding scene if/when the titles would migrate to PC. There were a lot of rumors circling at the time that Halo 3 port would appear on Steam, and I also figured that the community would become active again when that happened. That didn't ever pan out, real life stuff started happening, and I lost track of time with other hobbies. I never forgot how much I enjoyed the community though. I love good conversation, following other Halo modding posts, and observing the fine creations of other halo modders from this community. With that in mind I wanted to circle around. I'm also active on Starredit and Anime Planet for those who are interested in those things.


Thanks for reading, I hope to meet some of you guys soon.





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