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Release: Halo Covenant Edition [Xbox]

Hey guys, just so you're aware there was a release for a new campaign map pack for the original Xbox. I'm posting this here because I don't know if I can post Xbox mods in the Halo:CE subforum.


Halo: Covenant Edition


-play as a grunt on Covenant team
-spawn with covenant encounters
-fight against marines
-fight with allies
-can use all weapons and vehicles
-uses player walking physics
-player has shields
-press white to say a taunt
-new cutscenes and intro
-Easter eggs
-new colours for grunts
-respawning enemies
-new battles and encounters
-see covenant in idle state and explore

This map pack radically changes the dynamic of Halo's campaign. You will spawn as a grunt among your allies and make your way through what is now allied territory to seek battle. You fight marines and flood along-side your covenant allies. There are less battles but the battles that are there are much bigger and can theoretically last hours. Marines use different weapons and tactics which make for interesting fights. Each level should be beatable but you must meet a condition, i.e. defeat all enemies, hit a switch, or reach the end of a timer. For example, to beat a50 you need to kill Captain Keyes and wait.


There may still be an update based on input from the community. I will update this post if that happens.






-SPARTAN04 for grunt_mp tags

Tools used:
-HMT v3.5
-MEK [Refinery]

Thanks to Microsoft and Bungie for Halo

Please like and comment if you play this



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I loaded this onto my box last week and have played the first two levels so far.

This wouldn't have been out of place as an unlockable bonus feature on the original--or even a master quest sort of deal.

Do you have any plans for multiplayer?

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