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EST. 14th of February, 2012

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FB Heat Warning

Came across this post on a group I follow on FB ~



Admin delete if not OK
Yesterday at about 12.45 I was at Coles in Glenroy when I notest 3 kids looked in a car with window dune up and car off I tryed to get the oldest one to unlock the door but he just would not he would have been lucky to be 5 and then there was a little boy in the back about 3 if that and a baby about 18 months so I went in to Coles and got a worker to come out to help bye now about 15 min had past the Lady from Coles tryed to get the oldest to open the door but he would not and about 15 min later the mother comes outasking what we are doing we asked are u the mother of the kids and she said yes so I lost my shit with her asking how could u leave your kids in the car like that and she said I was only gone 10 min and like me and the Coles worker said that's bull shit we have been her for 20 min not counting the time I tryed bye my self and then she got all aggressive to us both saying its no of owe busines and the Coles work told her the police have been contacted and she just got in her car and toke off so please people dont leave your kids or animals in the car as it dont take long for then to pass out from heat stroke so if u do see it please do something I was going to smash the window but did not won't to scare the kids


Thank fuck I understand 'Bogan / Redneck' as there's a valuable message there!!!


I wonder if the Police caught up with her, especially considering she


toke off


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