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[RELEASE] - Sonic Bipeds and Assets Collection (Sonic Team)

The Complete Sonic Collection: Get all Sonic, Shadow and Silver bipeds, vehicles, scenery, devices and weapons! All three are now vehicle-compatible, plus custom weapons.


DOWNLOAD: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wk36nv3biy6pf5e/AssetPack_HaloCE_byDKSS.zip?dl=1


Assets originally created by Sonic Mapping Team & SonicXtreme. Assets modified, upgraded and collected by DarknessSamurai.






1) Hyper Mode Sonic, Shadow and Silver
2) Super Sonic, Shadow and Silver
3) Normal Flying/Running Sonic, Shadow and Silver
4) Tails, Nights and Robotnic Robot characters
5) Multiplayer Mode (color-change) Versions
6) Broly Mode Shadow and Super Saiyan Sonic


1) Tornado 2 airplane by Tails
2) Homing Energy Aura flying vehicle


1) Rings spinning animated
2) Chaos Emeralds multicolored


1) Giant Gold Ring spinning
2) Red Spring Bouncer (jump on)


1) Chaos plasma cannon
2) Chaos plasma chargeshot
3) Chaos plasma pistol
4) Chaos plasma rifle
5) Chaos plasma rifle red
6) Chaos telekinesis force


DOWNLOAD: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wk36nv3biy6pf5e/AssetPack_HaloCE_byDKSS.zip?dl=1



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