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Universal AI synchronization

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Forgot to mention that you must have reading/writing user permissions in your Halo folder or the scripts will not be able to create the files (and therefore, will run under the default settings), or you can try running the game as administrator once. I've made a pair of small changes that should fix the problem, @aLTis.

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If I were to develop my own multiplayer map with AI, could I use hsc to spawn AI? (for instance, me and a group of people walk through a trigger volume to spawn the AI) Or do all of the AI need to be spawned in on match start in order for this to work properly?


Great work on this stuff!

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@Nickster5000, yes, you can use .hsc scripts to spawn AI actors, although I would suggest to have some sort of "host check" in the script/s meant to spawn them to make sure that only the server will create them (otherwise the clients will spawn their own client-side AI too), another way to go would be to use a SAPP Lua script, but that's up to you, both ways should work. Also, AI can be spawned throughout the match safely, there is no problem if you spawn more after it has started.

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