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Universal AI synchronization

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Hey, I am having trouble reading your script the way you wrote it (not sure how you have everything working, its just confusing to look at in general, how your matching a server bipd to something the client sees I cant warp my head around.) Anyway I'm thinking this might help you out instead of guessing the size of the object table? If not that's cool.  Also instead of calling `get_object(i)` a tone of times you could just do a `local object = get_object(i)`

	local object_table = 0x400506B4 -- 1.10 Client address (Not for use on dedicated server.)
	local object_count = read_word(object_table + 0x2E)
	local object_base = read_dword(object_table + 0x34)
	for i = 0,object_count-1 do
		local m_object = read_dword(object_base + i * 0xC + 0x8)
		local m_ObjectID = read_word(object_base + i * 12) * 0x10000 + i
		if read_word(mobject + 0xB4) == 0 then -- bipd

-- For the server (sapp) is mostly the same except for the object_table address which is:
	local object_table = read_dword(read_dword(sig_scan("8B0D????????8B513425FFFF00008D") + 2))


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Much better than other implementations I've seen! Keep it up!

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The client script gives me extremely low framerate on any server I join. I get less than 1 frame per second.


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