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Universal AI synchronization

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On 11/11/2018 at 8:44 AM, Devieth said:

Nice script, but that video's audio is something else...


Thanks, and about the audio... I didn't notice it until I uploaded it, lol, sorry. Windows' Game DVR doesn't provide me with the quality I'd desire but at least it's enough to show up the kind of updates I'm used to make/upload.


In other news, today I spent some time to work on SAPP and Chimera scripts again and found some awful mistakes in this script's code and reworked some stuff like... The server updaters, I forgot to add something that would update their limits (in other words, the last biped that would be updated would be the 300th, no single biped with an index higher than that would be updated anymore), got rid of a glitch that sometimes messed up some bipeds' animation playback and position updates, and also reworked the main 'Updater' function a little so it would now be able to send the current health and shield states of the bipeds.


I also found a way to manipulate the networked bipeds successfully in another script (so local duplicates wouldn't be necessary) but it is very susceptible to failure in bad connections or when a pair (or more) bipeds are very close to each other.


Out of curiosity... Does anybody know any in-game memory addresses/offsets where info about the FP model is stored?

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