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Where you at?

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With it being as quiet as it is here lately I thought a new thread of what you've been doing and where you're at in life would be good to touch base.



It's school holidays again here and I've had plenty to keep me occupied since the last break when I visited Red Wood Forest etc.


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My wife had a miscarriage about a month ago. She went in for her first ultrasound at 10 weeks and found out it had died about 3 weeks prior. She carried it for 2 more weeks while using medication to pass it out but it wouldn't go on it's own. She ended up having to have surgery to get it out. She went into surgery the day before our son's first birthday. Those couple of weeks were pretty tough. I wasn't really torn up about it. Miscarriages happen all of the time, but of course she felt it was something that was wrong with her. For those couple of weeks while she was waiting for it to pass or go into surgery we had some pretty tough nights where I was just doing damage control trying to convince her it wasn't her fault. The doctors said that this early it was most likely a chromosomal mismatch, and it wasn't caused by anything preventable. 2 weeks after the surgery now things are pretty well back to normal, but it was kind of a rough ride for a little bit.


For the past couple of months, when I wasn't dealing with that and chasing my son around putting the house back together, I've been doing my best to learn programming and work on a project. I've been riding Kavawuvi's coattails and learning to use his map parser and messing around with opengl. It's very satisfying, but very time consuming. I spend a good chunk of my evenings on it several times a week. It's good for me to flex my mind though, and not waste too much of it playing video games.


A couple of weeks ago one of my brothers announced his engagement. And then I had one of my best friends over on Saturday and found out his engagement got called off (it was a graceful breakup, thankfully).


The last month or so has been a wild ride for me, my dudes. But I got a raise today, so there's that.

Kavawuvi: one of these days these glutes are gonna squawk all over you

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