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Skeezix the Cat

TV goes blackscreen during gaming

I recently bought a 65" Hisense 4k TV to put in my room and start playing some games in my bed with a controller.  The TV works great, except if I'm playing a game then at random amounts of time into it the screen instantly goes black and does not come back unless I switch the input to a different port and come back, or restart the TV.  Sound will keep playing though, and I know the actual screen itself is not shutting off because I can still open the TV settings menu and also see the backlight on.  I did try updating gpu drivers, changing hdmi cable and ports used both on the computer and tv but it still does it.  Sometimes it won't do it for 30-40 minutes, other times it will happen within seconds of getting into a game.  The TV does not say that it lost the signal when it happens either.  I'm pretty sure it's never done it on the desktop with the exception of watching youtube videos, whether fullscreen or not but it's much less common outside of an actual fullscreen game.  It has also done it 0 times when using the TV's built in streaming apps to watch full 4k movies, so I'm confident it isn't necessarily the TV itself.  Or if it is, it's related to the hdmi ports.  My best guess is both my HDMI cables are just shitty ones and even though they technically can do 4k60, they don't like doing it because they're cheap generic ones I either got for free or came with something and they don't even say what version they are on the cable.  What supports this is the first night I got the TV set up, my gpu output was set to 30hz instead of 60hz and it never blackscreened once until I changed it to 60hz.  I'm gonna go try lowering the resolution and playing Dead Space again, and see if it still does it and add onto this but in the mean time wanted to see if anyone else has had something like this.

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