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Let me introduce myself


Hey, welcome to the community!


Glad you've found us to be of some help. How did you end up getting into modding the game?

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Oddly, this is familiar to you... as if from an old dream.  


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Thanks, and about how I started doing this... Well, it was like a gradual process before I knew anything about modding, I used to ocasionally watch videos about PC or console mods but at that time I could only be amazed by them because I used to think that such stuff could be added/changed only through the use of tools that my lack of knowledge wouldn't allow me to use at that time, such as Hex editors or anything that involved "breaking" (you know what I mean) the game, but when I knew the HEK was a thing and finally got it in my hands, everything changed. Now, about 5 months later I've done more than I thought would be possible with the engine and do not regret a single second. And yes, I hope to be helpful when possible during my stay, would love to see new and fresh content, just like the one you guys have been making through these years.

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