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Menus have been added. Some other stuff was fixed.




There are still a few issues left to fix with tutorial.map:

  • Part of the sniper rifle zoom is flipped
  • Some particles look a little off
  • The warthog is making the sliding sound when it shouldn't
  • Some tags, namely those stored in loc.map, aren't indexed, so you will see English strings regardless of your language

Download the map here: 

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I'm planning on open sourcing this pretty soon. My license of choice for this one will most likely be GPL version 3.0 or newer. Such an license ensures that my program stays free and open source whether it's being used standalone or as part of a bigger thing, and in this kind of community, I feel everyone benefits from this.


People who make useful tools only to never share the source probably should steer clear of my work, though I suppose the one person I know of who actually said he'd do this probably wouldn't have used this, anyway, simply because I made it.


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Tutorial.map is almost entirely finished. There are more issues to work with, but for the most part, it works. I also wrote a feature to force a specific tag order, thus you can use the same tag order as stock tutorial. This means that, if there are no tags missing, the map can be network compatible, assuming you correctly spoof the CRC32.


Here's tutorial.map: tutorial.7z


Also, ui.map builds and works. Download that here: ui.7z


Edit: I found an issue with item_collection tags' default timers. I've updated the map with the fix.


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I put the source code online a few days ago. Here is a link: https://github.com/Kavawuvi/Invader


Invader is not done and has lots of issues that need to be fixed before I can even consider releasing it. Therefore, it will be a while before I actually start posting binaries (e.g. exe files). If you want to use it early for some reason, you must compile it from source.


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I've added a list of issues that I am working on. You can see the list here: https://github.com/Kavawuvi/Invader/issues


I've already solved one issue since posting the source code, and that was an issue with antennae missing some values that weren't calculated, resulting in no antennae being easily visible. There are more issues to fix, and more issues may be added onto this list in the future.


Also, model data is now deduped, similar to bitmap and sound data. This saves around 0.18 MiB on tutorial.map. Other things are now deduped, too, such as animation data and tag paths, saving a total of 575 KiB over tool.exe's tutorial.map.


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I've gotten back to working on Invader and I've made a bunch of improvements lately. Here is a short list:


1. The file size in the header is no longer set.

Setting this is actually a bad idea because Halo PC, for some reason, opens up the map multiple times if the value is at least 128 MiB (this leaks and eventually Halo will max out in file descriptors). Also, Halo will only load maps where the file size in the header is less than 384 MiB. Therefore, not setting it means the map file size limit is now 4 GiB and Halo will only open the map once as expected.


2. Scripts work.

Scripts in the game work now. There may still be some work to be done here, but levels like The Pillar of Autumn no longer crash and play properly.


3. Nearly every tag class is implemented.

Most maps should build now.


4. Doors work properly (mostly).

No more doors rapidly opening/closing. That said, there is still an issue with the door in The Pillar of Autumn in the first room. If the engineer reaches it before you reach it, then the door never opens. I'll be looking into fixing this.


5. AI works (mostly).

The .actor and .actor_variant tags are properly compiled. However there are some issues with how they behave, and many AI will stay in place and not move around behind cover.


I've also fixed T-posing issues for most encounters but this isn't 100% fixed.


6. BSP tags with mirrors build.

Basically, The Silent Cartographer and Two Betrayals build now.


7. Animations work [better].

Many animations that didn't work properly (e.g. certain stock and custom animations such as reload animations) now work properly.


tl;dr: Every stock map now builds. It's not perfect (yet), but they are playable and you can probably complete the game using only Invader-built maps.


As before, you can get Invader's source code on GitHub. It's still in early development and will not be released in binary (.exe) form for a little while longer.

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I haven't done benchmarks since last October. Here is Invader vs. tool.exe building all of the multiplayer maps:




Here is what you can take away from this:

  • Invader is faster than tool.exe (around 411% faster on Linux and around 213% faster on Windows)
  • Invader is around 15-17% faster when compilled for 64-bit depending on the operating system
  • Invader is around 82% faster when compiled for Linux, but it is still very fast on Windows


I don't recommend using these for anything serious as Invader is very far from completion. Also, when Invader is released, only 64-bit builds will be released. If you want to run Invader on a 32-bit operating system, you will have to compile it yourself.

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