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As of today, Invader has been renamed to HEK Plus Plus (or HEK++ for short).


People have complained that HEK++ (formerly Invader) is not as user friendly as Halo Custom Edition's HEK. So, I'm going to right this wrong and make the following changes in all future builds of HEK++.

  • All error messages will be replaced with register dumps and assertions to source files you don't have access to. Which one will you get? Who knows!
  • If there are any problematic tags that prevent a cache file from building, HEK++ will not print the paths of the problematic tags. Instead, you must use trial and error. This is way more fun!
  • Most of the error checking will be removed in HEK++. This means you can now build maps with tags that would've otherwise been rejected by Invader. Maps that will probably crash the game. If a map crashes the game, it's even more trial and error. Map creation hasn't been this exciting since 2004!
  • HEK++'s argument parsing system has been removed overhauled for most tools, thus you now only have to specify paths for everything. Gone are the days where you make bitmap tags by specifying the type of bitmap you want. Now HEK++ makes DXT1 bitmaps by default, and if you want to change it, you have to open the tag editor!
  • All tools will later be bundled into one executable, HEKPlusPlus.exe. While this does mean you will no longer be able to tab complete, it at least means you will no longer be able to do tab completion. It's a win/win, honestly.

As always, thank you for using and supporting HEK++. It's very much appreciated!

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I've updated Invader to 0.49.1. This is mainly bugfixes, but support for the newer definitions of the April 2022 update of the H1AEK has been added, too.


Sadly, I had to change Invader's name back. Sorry if you liked HEK++.

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Invader received a bunch of improvements and updates including support for hud_message_text extraction AND compilation.


Sadly I can't upload anything to Invader's server for a while due to my current living situation. You will need to get the latest build off of GitHub here for now: https://github.com/SnowyMouse/invader/releases/tag/0.50.2


The script compiler was fully rewritten in Rust, is more accurate than before, and is just easier to maintain.


There are also a few other improvement here and there including support for CEA's new cache file building method which involves using the data folder.

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Invader has received some more fixes and is 0.50.4 as of last month. Note, however, that the download location has changed.


Due to some changes to Open Carnage since the recent DDoS attacks, I can no longer directly upload builds to https://invader.opencarnage.net for the time being, so it has been changed to a redirect to Invader's GitHub page, and going to anywhere on the subdomain besides the main index will result in a 404. From there, you can download builds from the releases page.


For the latest news and discussion regarding Open Carnage, you can go to the Open Carnage Discord server at https://discord.opencarnage.net/ or go to the forum announcements at https://opencarnage.net/index.php?/forum/5-site-matters/

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I've updated Invader's LICENSE.txt. This does not change any terms. Rather it clarifies what content you own when you use Invader.




Invader, itself, is licensed under version 3 of the GNU General Public License, particularly version 3 of the license as published by the Free Software Foundation in 29 June 2007. See gplv3.txt for an EXACT copy of this license. Invader is not licensed under ANY earlier or later revision of the GNU General Public License, nor is it licensed under ANY other license at all EXCEPT at the discretion of Snowy.


Content made with Invader

Content made with Invader is not subject to Invader's licensing in any way. If you create original content with Invader, you own the rights to it including any sort of distribution and sublicensing rights (by default).


However, if you choose to use, modify, or derive pre-existing content using Invader, Invader does not affect the rights to that content. This means it may still belong to its original owner(s) even if you extracted it! Invader neither gives you the right nor a license to use or modify existing content. This also includes any and all content supplied by the original game(s) including (but not limited to) tag files or cache files.


For example, if you use any of MCC's officially released maps or tags to make custom content, you own all the tags you create with Invader, but the usage of tags derived from MCC would be bound by the MCC EULA.


Note: If you do not use any MCC-derived assets, it is important to note that cache files made with Invader can still be bound by the MCC EULA if you later make these maps available on MCC. This is not a condition of using Invader but actually a condition of using MCC!



tl;dr - Invader is GPLv3. Your tags are not. If you make tags, you own them. If you use pre-existing tags such as tags from the Halo 1 Mod Tools, you (probably) don't own them. If you agreed to a EULA such as the MCC EULA, your usage of Invader does not modify this agreement, and while your usage of Invader, itself, is not bound by the MCC EULA, your usage of MCC content is.

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