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5 hours ago, Vaporeon said:

Nice work. I am looking forward to invader being able to compile scripts so we can stop using Sapien for that.

All in good time

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The Bungie campaign now successfully builds in invader-build with no noticeable issues with firing positions. Many of the old issues, such as the softlock in The Pillar of Autumn, if you fail to make it to the door before the crewman, no longer appear to occur, so the campaign appears to be beatable.


That said, you will need to run the invader-bludgeon tool on the campaign to resolve a couple issues:

  • Invalid indices (e.g. command lists referencing an index that is out-of-bounds)
  • Invalid enumerators (e.g. actor_variant tags using complete bullshit for enumerators due to Bungie changing the definitions mid-development)
  • Invalid ranges (e.g. flood dropping 1.2 magazines of sniper rifle ammo for whatever reason)

These issues are present on even the original Bungie release, as tool.exe does not do sufficient error checking while invader-build does a lot of error checking. Many of these issues can and have been proven to cause crashing on other maps, so it's kind of a wonder that it doesn't crash the base game.


Fixing these issues does result in some slight changes to the maps that is actually apparent, particularly some unused dialogue being played. This isn't just random dialogue but actually appears to be dialogue that would have played if it were not for the fact that these tags were straight-up broken (not just a "legacy" bug but actual brokenness). To quote my announcement on the Discord server:



A few recent updates have been made that include increased index checking for various tags. Apparently a lot of these indices are *not* checked in the original tool.exe, and there are quite a few Bungie maps that fail these checks. As a result, most tags extracted will *not* build without being run through invader-bludgeon.


However, when invalid indices are nulled through invader-bludgeon, something interesting happens: dialogue that was originally unused is now used. For example, Cortana now says, "You two, we could use a hand," when immediately entering the warthog after receiving it from Foehammer upon clearing the beach in The Silent Cartographer but also immediately before two marines try to enter the vehicle. Also, the Sergeant now has more lines in Truth and Reconciliation as you play through the level. All of these are also played in appropriate contexts, so it's not at all like a bug where some sounds are randomly playing when they shouldn't.


We've double, triple, and quadruple checked this, and we've concluded that these lines didn't play in the original levels because indices were invalid in the tag data when Bungie built the map. Making the indices valid again, however, results in the actual story being slightly different from what we originally experienced on the Xbox or PC, even if it is now less broken and means we get "more" out of our levels. Some people might not like that it's no longer 100% true to the original, albeit technically broken version. However, some may appreciate that we now get to experience original Bungie content that we never got to experience outside of modding.


Understandably, some "purists" may not want the "fixed" campaign and may prefer the broken, released campaign with less content, and we certainly sympathize. The two of us, Vaporeon and I, went through this for a while to find out what the best course of action was, and we've unanimously decided on the following:

  • The fact that tool.exe doesn't check this stuff when it has checks for hundreds of other things is an oversight on Bungie's part.
  • Just because Bungie inadvertently allowed technically broken, bullshit tags to go through tool.exe doesn't mean invader-build should allow it.
  • It's easy to fix these issues using the invader-bludgeon tool.
  • You can easily restore the older, broken behavior without having to make the tags, themselves, broken.
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