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Models work now. Here's the cyborg model imported from an Invader-built map into the one map that everyone mods.




Though I guess model animations aren't as finished as I thought they were. I tried importing the Invader built animation tag and... well... this happened.






He's so happy, he doesn't want to leave the warthog even when you press the action button.





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Stuff looks a lot better than what it did before. It's still not playable in multiplayer, the HUD is still totally broken, vehicles are screwy, and plenty of other stuff doesn't work.


However, crouching works, running around is now normal, fall damage is normal, and first person animations look correct.




You can download this map here: tutorial.7z


Once again, use map_name to load the map. Do not load it any other way or else your game will crash.


Note: To save space, every time I post a tutorial.7z file, I will purge the older tutorial.7z file. I am not saving these, so do not ask me for a copy.

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