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Display aimbot scores?

Is there a way to get the server to automatically tell people's aimbotscores without having to type the command all the time? If there is what is the syntax? I've looked everywhere for a syntax for it! I want it to show the scores every so often too! Please help! Thanks!

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Player should never know their current bot score or anyone else's bot score unless the player is a server admin. Such information would allow cheaters to know if they are getting away with cheating, making your cheating countermeasures less effective.


If you're trying to expose cheaters, use aimbot_ban with IP addresses. This will expose the cheater while also removing them from the server.


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Actually I would stay away from doing this, you will more and likely make the other players annoyed broadcasting this.


BK servers do this, and it just floods the crap out of their server chat with the implementation they utilized.

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