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Grenade HUD Strings don't seem to update

So my strings for my genades (either frag or plasma) don't seem to update, even when they're set to the right value. Grenades are set in weapon list, and the globals for grenades:




The string for my frag grenade is 12, which is set in the frag grenade's equipment tag:




And here's the first few of my strings for reference:




But the when we get ingame, the result is this:


Picking up multiple frags: 7o8W6YS.png


Picking up one frag: lM2Kjqu.png


Now, at first I was unsure how this was even happening, as they were set to the new string. Then I did some comparisons. Here's Bungie's strings for reference:




Note that string 2 is for the frag grenades, and if you scroll back up and look at my strings, string 3 is the flag, and 2 the oddball. So it looks to me like my set string isn't updating for some reason, and still using Bungie's. Maybe there's something I missed somewhere? If anyone has any ideas of things to try, I'd be willing to try it.

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As I said before, it's probably a problem with the hud tag. But I went in there to confirm it this time, there actually is a text index there. Change that and you should be fine.




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2 hours ago, SBBMichelle said:

Are you sure that the grenades you are picking up are using the same equipment tag as the one set in the globals?


It very well could be, but I'm not sure where from. Loading up a map with my tags in RTE shows the default grenade equipment tag is still in the game, but I have no idea what could be referencing it still.


I have the frag/plasma both set in the globals weapon list:




And both set in the grenades section:






Is there somewhere else I still need to set where the equipment tag is derived from that I'm unaware of?

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