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It's only the 2nd-highest rated game on Steam of all time. Any of y'all play it?


For the uninformed, it's a game of base-building. You are abandoned on an alien planet with only your engineering skills. Your job is to build up industry from scratch in order to create a rocket and escape.






I've been collaborating on a railworld recently. Trains are incredible, but I still haven't mastered them yet.


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I've been tempted to try it for quite a while now but I heard that it just burns through your spare time. I got some vacation coming up in the next weeks, might try it out then.



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The tileset looks almost straight out of Red Alert 2.


I've never heard of it until now but I can tell you now that I want to try this out

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How to build a base:

  1. Find the bottleneck
  2. Double it
  3. Repeat steps 1-2 until the whole system breaks and cannot be easily fixed for whatever reason
  4. Figure out what the problems were with the old system and design a new system that will avoid those problems.
  5. Dismantle everything that doesn't conform to the new design paradigm
  6. Go to step 1

At the beginning of a game, you spend most of your time running around putting coal into things. Getting steam-power and electric mining drills is a good milestone.


Early-mid game, the paradigm that scales best is the "main bus" strategy, with lanes of conveyor belts carrying goods. You need at least two tiles of space between each row, so the underground belts can weave themselves underneath.





On my first few playthroughs, I never advanced beyond the main bus strategy. I've only recently discovered the power of construction robots. You don't even have to build anything! Simply place the blueprint and a flurry of bots does everything for you.




At the moment, I'm experimenting with trains for spanning long-distances.

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i've been playing it for a while. i've got a bunch of mods on right now.


this screenshots a bit out of date, but yeah. 





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I'm now some 20-30h into my first base. I'm printing now entire outposts with construction bots. Pretty fun!



It's like a painting! :v

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