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Halo 1.5 maps converted to CE


@ScenyHalo 1.5 is a mod for halo on the Xbox. The maps that already are on halomaps are buggy, I know, I was the one who ported them using old bad methods and edited things I should not have edited. I know because I got teased for it for 3 years now...

This is a more true port. The people who work with the people who worked more closely on the xbox project seem happy about me releasing these the way they are now.



An example of a prevalent issue in the old port is how I changed the teleporters a bit, which can send people in infinite loops they have no control over and destroys a part of the meta.


I want to phase out my old bad ports of these maps and have these new ones be used.

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Idk if bumping like this is allowed, but it's a slight emergency.


There was a bug with the max grenade counts being 3 and 2, this is fixed now and they are set to 4 and 4. The new versions of the maps are still compatible with the old. Only the server needs the fix for it to work on the client and to show up on the client. The new version can be downloaded from the same link as before.

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Glad these got ported with clean tagset :)


To anyone wondering what these maps are all about:


A few members of the long-standing 2v2 community of Xbox players released Halo 1.5 as a mod many years ago. These maps were never released on PC until Michelle's previous ports (I believe only Downrush/Zerohour?) about 3 years ago. Contrary to most custom maps released for PC, these were designed by high-level players that actually understand the intricacies of the 2v2 team slayer meta. The creators were acutely aware of the gameplay implications of their design decisions, and they made very few arbitrary decision in terms of player spawn placement, netgame equipment placement, pathing, etc. The result is a pack of 13 maps that, for the most part, can be played competitively or casually. In my opinion these maps are much closer in design to the smaller original maps (Chill Out, Prisoner, Hang 'Em High, etc) than anything the PC community has ever put out (keyword: smaller maps - not talking 8v8 big maps).


All that being said, give them a try when a server goes up with them! 

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Apparently the checksum spoofing technique used to make the old versions compatible with the new ones has a bug that writes a random byte somewhere in the map.

This bug has caused a wall in outbound to be non-collidable. Here is a fixed version of the map. [Get link at the top of the thread]


Purposefully not named the same so this can't start causing desyncs.

The download for all the maps at the beginning of the thread has been updated to only contain this version of outbound and not the other.


Edit: I've decided to just update all the maps to make sure no weird bugs can pop up in the future.

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