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SAPP Events!

Hello, I was curious how do you make the SAPP Events say instead of ** SAPP ** how do you make it say something custom like for example it says **=DN= Admin **? Please let me know I would like to change my messages to my new clan name. Please let me know how exactly to do that? Thank you very much!

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I'm also curious how to make SAPP Events like Double Kill etc show up on the console instead of the chat box. Also when you're sprinting how do you make it show that you're sprinting that way people know they are sprinting. Please let me know! One more thing if someone goes afk for a while they become MIA and become invisible and it says someone went MIA how do I do that to? Please let me know how to do all this stuff the SAPP documentation hasn't helped with that stuff. Also still haven't figured out how to change the SAPP Events message from ** SAPP ** to something custom please let me know how to do all this! Thanks very much!

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