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Woke New World

You've 'seen it', you've heard of the concept, maybe you're a professed victim of it. It's the hot button social issue™, so you'd better have an opinion!


I remember when it was a niche term, something I'd seen on tumblr or repeated by some acquaintances. Not any more. You can't walk without stepping in cultural appropriation. Strange how the internet comes to haunt us all.


Personally, I'm a little hesitant to abide by it. When I was in the US, I was always a bleeding heart lefty, but something about the concept just feels off. Wrong. Divisive & disingenuous. It makes all of the light in the world feel dull and untouchable, if led to its logical conclusion (And what is that? Is speaking another language cultural appropriation?). Employed in an argument, it shuts down all dissent because, often, the person arguing against it doesn't have the requisite lack of privilege to have a voice in certain left wing Anglosphere circles. 

I'm a TCK (Third Cultural Kid). The moniker is clumsy, but it gets the point across. I didn't grow up monoculturally. The idea of barring culture to those who aren't part of it, to me, is beyond idiotic. My entire life has been framed by cultural differences! Blending and bleeding of culture is a natural process, as it has been for the entire time human beings have existed on Earth. Grod appropriated Thag's fire, then went over to Bik-lik's place and appropriated cave painting. 'Cultural appropriation' is part of how we learn, as a species and individually. An observer can only get so much. 


I don't know why I'm poking (r: kicking) the hornet's nest with this one, but if we don't talk about our social policing, what's the point of anything?



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13 hours ago, Sunstriker7 said:

I cannot believe I just read this with my own two eyeballs


Sorry, not  l o w - e f f o r t - c o o l  enough for ya? 

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The world is boiling up outrage memes of all shapes and kinds. One of the downsides of our times, I suppose. The internet seems to be good at finding and pressing our buttons. Cultural blending is great. Bad cultural appropriation is something like wearing feather headdresses (akin to stolen valor). It's a spectrum and there's no good answer except using our judgement.


"The only thing we have to be outraged about is outrage itself." -Franklin Delano Roosevelt, probably

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