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2018 Map Competition - VOTING

Map Poll   24 members have voted

This poll is closed for new votes
  1. 1. Which is your favorite?

    • Hornet's Nest v0.1
    • Epicenter
    • Brumal
    • Hidrofagia 0.6 Release (Beta)

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This is the voting topic for 2018's CE Map Competition!


Voting Rules

  • Must have a post count of at least 5 on the forum (unless an entrant of the contest).
  • Entrants cannot vote for themselves, however they can abstain from voting.


Voting Deadline

May 19th @ 11:59pm EST (‎UTC-5:00)



1st Place: $100 (USD via PayPal) + 15 Raffle Tickets + Mass-email promoting your map

2nd Place: $50 (USD via PayPal) + 10 Raffle Tickets

3rd Place: 1 Raffle Ticket from @002




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I'll have you guys know that it was extremely difficult for me to pick just one. Good work, fellas.

Kavawuvi: one of these days these glutes are gonna squawk all over you

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All votes validated!


@SBBMichelle is our ultimate winnar with Hornet's Nest! Congrats! Email goes out sometime tomorrow.

@PopeTX28 came in 2nd with Brumal. What a disappointment to his family.

@aLTis placed 3rd with Epicenter, winning @Kavawuvi's heart and his raffle ticket.


Thanks everyone for entering and voting!

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Email's gone out!



Voting for this year's mapping contest has finally closed, and after about a week of deliberation from the community, we have our winner!


Hornet's Nest v0.1 by @SBBMichelle.


The map is based on Halo 3's Rat's Nest, but it's definitely not a port. The geometry of this map is absolutely meticulous, drawing your attention to almost every angle as it's full of new detail. The gameplay is just as good as you'd expect as the layout is based on Rat's Nest, with proportions appropriately adjusted for Halo 1. If there are any reservations that this is just a quick rehash of an existing map, do check out SBB's gameplay video. By now a refinement update to the map has also already been released, so even if you've played it prior, it's worth giving another look!


Also check out the voting topic to see who placed second and third!


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