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Hidrofagia 0.6 (Beta)


On 5/11/2018 at 8:43 PM, Tucker933 said:

Are those telecom antennas with the lights on the roofs?

Kinda, but now that I remember I forgot to compile last version :0

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So, I attempted to play this and you're just spawned into an empty room with no way out. I'm fairly certain this isn't what you intended. 


Edit: Oh, just realized you said it was an empty map at the moment. I'd suggest putting the spawn somewhere that's not in a closed space, though.

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I wanted to wait until the end of the competition to post this. I'm hoping this constructive criticism will be helpful for when you make 0.7 or whatever you call the next version.

  • For your original post, you should write your original post in proper grammar and spelling. If you can't write in English very well, have someone else write it for you. A well-formatted post leaves a much better impression.
  • Make buildings look unique. Right now every building looks the same and has the same concrete texture, and this makes it easy for me to get lost.
  • Add proper windows. I see a bunch of buildings that have indentations where there should be windows.
  • Please don't spawn players in a (nearly) inescapable room. I had to use a few tricks to jump out of the window and get to the street without dying from fall damage. If you want people to be able to explore your map, spawn them on the ground and let them run around freely. Even if there's nothing to do, there is even less  to do when the player is trapped in a room. 
  • For stairs, make the stairsteps smaller or add some sort of invisible collision so the player can climb the stairs without having to be impeded by them. This is the same thing for when you're going from the street to the sidewalk. You don't jump in real life to get from the street to the sidewalk, so you shouldn't do it in a game.
  • Add some detail. I'd have liked to see park benches or trees where you have grass. Flat grassy areas look super boring. Also, in the buildings you can enter, you could add some objects that can make rooms look somewhat interesting. As for roads, put parked cars. You could also add trash cans and other props.
  • Add lighting in buildings that lack it. Some places are difficult to see because of darkness.
  • I can see where the city cuts off into the void. Try surrounding your city with buildings or land to occlude the edge of the map in some way.
  • I see a few instances of roads that have roads on top of them, and while this is fine, the roads above these roads are being supported by walls which block the road below. Roads are supposed to go somewhere and not directly into walls. Plus there is road in between each wall.

I know you said it's an empty map, but I didn't realize just how empty it was. Your choice to make this version "0.6" has left me a little puzzled, as this implies that there's a significant amount of progress.

Otherwise, I do see potential in this map and I wish you the best of luck when you complete it.


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