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Hornet's Nest v0.1.1

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2 hours ago, Krazychic said:

So remakes are allowed now??  I'm sure there was a submission rule for this with an example that followed not allowing remakes.  Has this been amended for Comps now since last years?

I've never heard of this.

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12 hours ago, SBBMichelle said:

I don't remember seeing any rules about it, I do remember a rule about not using too much content that isn't your own.


Here is a video of the original Halo 3 map. The only thing that is even remotely close is the layout at this point.


Thanks for the visual comparison.


@Tucker933 my memory fails me then. May have been elsewhere I read it then.

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I originally wanted to change more before I made a new version, but I ended up deciding that the crate issue was a bit too important to not release a minor revision for.


It's downloadable from the same link as the first version. The first version is also still available through the link, but is in a sub-folder called "old".


Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1StGxaknpW5iY2uJ108QN04XrbuaVNGin


---Change Log---

Version 0.1.1:
-Lowered the volume of the background sound.
-Fixed the collision material on the chaingun turret.
-Crate collision now shouldn't allow you to glitch trough parts of the map now.
-Added garbage collection every 30 seconds as a performance experiment




I have diagnosed the main issues in the map's portals. The next major revision (0.2) should have the map hitting the rendering limit on vanilla fixed.

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You really cant break the deadline for your submission until after the the competition is over.


I've removed the download link. To stay in the competition, you may only add back your original submission, until voting has completed.

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