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Area 53


That one Teletubbies map

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I'm in Idaho, in the Mountain Time Zone (UTC -7). Historically game nights have tended to start about 6pm for me, which just falls at a bad time. If it's possible, a little later on a weekend evening/night would be awesome. But I also totally understand if you won't cater to me, jerks.

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Suggestions you say, well here are mine

[CS117]_heretic by Brandon117
Arrival by FireDragon
Foundry CE by jesse
Halo3 Guardian
rainbow-road   lol, yes
TSCE_MultiplayerV1  looks good
cmt_Snow_Grove by CMT
church  by pope
ascension-bk by naked chick, there are many variants of Ascension on Halo CE, i like this one


i'm not one to suggest game types, thats up to your. i just like those maps. i think there are some what odd though, & i like that.

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