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I've run into an "interesting" issue with Halo.

My PC is running with an AMD Ryzen 5 1600X CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM and a Nvidia GX960 4GB, the OS is Windows 10.


I was playing Halo tonight and then quit for a bit to surf the Internet.

When I restarted Halo it was as if I was running a new installation for the first time. I was being asked to create a new profile yet when I typed Iggy for my profile name it said the profile was already there and indeed it's in the savegames folder.

All my audio, video, network etc. setting were at their default settings again as if it were a brand new installation being run the first time.

I deleted the Iggy profile then adjusted all my settings to where I wanted them and all was fine when I played, but when I quit and restarted all the settings were gone again.

Any help would be seriously appreciated.

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Super weird.


I'd first try running the game as admin and making sure that "installed drive letter":\Users\"your user"\Documents\My Games\Halo is not write protected.


From what you described I don't think that's the problem but I honestly have no idea where else to start besides there.

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