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The Halo PC/CE Ultimate Enhancement Guide. Updated 03/03/18.

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I'm here to thank you(again) & i have a few things i think i should add
This is based on Zetren's old post on Bungie.net

OpenSauce & HAC2 can work together(sometimes) if you use this work-around, but the ideal solution is to make two installs; one for Single-player (OpenSauce) & another one for Multi-Player (HAC2) 

ReShade can Beautify things greatly, here's a Video (note that SPv3 Looks great anyway)

The PC-gaming-Wiki Has good Information on things others miss

Halo CE has an ever Evolving Community, so bookmark this page & check back some time!


I'm here to to improve what i see, feel free to contact me if you need anything

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YAY! Glad to see you finally posted an updated version. :)


"You fix my mistakes is what you do." - Tucker
"You're useless." - Tucker 2 minutes later

"You're sort of cool in some ways." - 002

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