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The Halo CE Ultimate Enhancement Guide. Updated 07/02/18

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On 10/14/2018 at 10:39 AM, Generalkid said:

I had readed on the internet that the Dsfix for Dark Souls also works for halo 2, so i decided to try it out with halo ce and now i have 4k rendering on the game,just wanted to say this because its a great enhancement to the game.

You can run Halo in any resolution using either the vidmode parameter: -vidmode xxxx,xxxx,xx i.e. 1920,1080,60 or Chimera custom resolution argument: chimera_set_resolution i.e. chimera_set_resolution <width> <height> [refresh rate] [vsync] [windowed]

Later you'll probably also want to execute chimera_block_vysnc 1, as the vidmode argument forces vysnc


So I don't think you need an external program.


P.S., chimera's command is better, it can be adjusted on the fly




Removed the patched executable as it caused lag with open sauce enabled, for more information on this patched executable see here.

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Finally, now that Destiny 2 was free I was able to edit my old topic and redirect it here. Bungie a while back made it such that you had to play Destiny 2 before being able to edit or make threads on their forum, so now that I've played it, I was able to edit it. No more people asking me about -use21! (Don't ask)


Also a substantive revision of the guide has taken place to remove all instances of Halo PC. It's time to migrate to Halo CE people!


Updated the Halo CE Discord rich presence plugin to the latest version (v1.01)

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