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A completely unauthorized continuation I made of a really old pair of AI mods by a dude named Alvin. I was really big into AI mods when I first got Halo Custom Edition, and it was the BG-Sorrow_Update maps that got me really interested in Halo CE modding. Here we have the unofficial update 3! Following the previous two, red and blue marines and spartans face off in Sunny Sharma's BG-Sorrow map, now with the addition of some unarmored marines and re-rigged bumblebee pilots thrown into the fray. I highly recommend that you run this map in a CTF mode with all vehicles enabled, I've tinkered with the vehicle tags so that the AI Bots are decent at driving them now. Are they perfect? Nope, far from it, but it's way better than what you see in some other maps with AI driving warthogs in them, where the drivers erratically swerve around and are a bigger danger to you than the enemy team. And in a fit of headshot-induced butthurt I've modified the sniper rifle so that its projectile isn't hitscan. So now when the enemy snipers decide they want to try and ruin your day from across the map, it isn't an automatic death sentence anymore. They're still bad news if you aren't careful. Both teams get a Banshee and a Falcon that respawn after a couple minutes, they're sure to fly around the map and cause some unnecessary mayhem. What I wanted to do before releasing was add a "leader" guy inside both of the bases and if they got killed then that team's AI would stop respawning, but I didn't know how to, so that'll have to wait.



Sunny Sharma - Making the BG-Sorrow map

Alvin - BG-Sorrow_Update1 and 2

aLTis - Falcon vehicle tags

M4573R51337 - H2-style vehicle impact damage

SavinPVTMike - Cyborg biped with marine animations

ZTeam (I think) - H2 Female Marine dialogue

(SBB) Subscribers Discord Members - Helping me out with 3DS Max problems

Myself - Colorable Marines, crappy Pilot re-rig, Captain Keyes combat dialogue












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I've made some updates to this to try and improve the vehicle combat functionality. I recommend that anybody who downloaded this to re-DL.

-Fixed an issue where the majority of the blue marines' vehicles didn't spawn because of the new ones I placed

-Vehicles now have a fixed reset timer every 10,000 ticks (roughly 5 minutes I think)

-Vehicle drivers and gunners reset with the vehicles

-The falcon passengers don't scream like babies while riding in it as much as they used to

Edited by Nullen
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